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Swaze has made life wayyyyy easier saving me a lot of time which I could invest in other important tasks.

The app is simple to use and also gives me plenty of control over how my store looks. What I love about it is how I can now carry and manage my store on the go.
The customization options helps me add a personal touch to the store. With Swaze, managing orders has been a cakewalk and I must thank its founders for the same.


Founder of Hoopables

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Use Swaze's powerful order management system to mark orders as fulfilled, and send your outstanding orders to your delivery partner.

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Frequently asked questions

How much?

Free for your first 10k rupees worth of transactions. Then 7% per transaction. Basically, say you make 1000 rupees on a transaction, you'll get 930.

Can we have a separate shipping fee for orders?


Are you like Shopify / Squarespace / wix?

Kinda. But Swaze works better on your phone (since it's designed from the ground up to be mobile-only), faster to start accepting orders (payments ready from the get-go), and... more fun if we dare say so.

How long will it take to get a store up?

Minutes. Or hours. Or days... if you want to get especially creative.
It's on you.

Is there a limit on how many products I can have?

None. Actually, maybe 999.